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    Our Augmented Reality platform hands over full creative control letting you push the boundaries of advertising by turning flat adverts into interactive 3D+ experiences. We provide an AR Toolkit that's simple to use and affordable price plans to suit any ad budget. AR can be used on packaging, print such as newspapers and magazines or simply online, allowing the end user to integrate the digital and the real world around them.

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What is Augmented Reality?

Vision based Augmented Reality (AR) let's you turn images into interactive 3D+ content when scanned with a camera.

It adds a new depth to how people can engage with the physical world around them and has created a new way for brands to connect with people in an exciting and entertaining way by bridging the gap between their on-line and off-line worlds.

We see this as the future of advertising, making flat image-based elements of campaigns interactive, measurable and best of all memorable experiences.

See Augmented Reality in action with the video below.


This new creative landscape is just waiting to be explored and we provide the tools to make it easy for you. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can create campaigns that take advertising to a whole new dimension! (Excuse the pun).

Benefits of Augmented Reality

One of the biggest advantages of Augmented Reality is that it can bridge the gap between the digital and real world allowing for truly integrated marketing. By allowing display ads to act as anchors for virtual 3D content in the real world the ads can facilitate true interaction with the user.


Why use PrintAR?

We give you full creative control with
our simple and affordable toolkit.

web app
mobile app

Everything you'll ever need.
The PrintAR Toolkit.

Welcome to the Toolkit. Here you'll find everything you need to get your campaign up and running. A Campaign Constructor with four easy steps. A powerful Mobile AR Scanner App with simple UI. A varied and diverse 3D+ Marketplace with brandable experiences available and finally a Campaign Console, where you can manage your account and understand your advertisements so much better.

Campaign Constructor

  • Campaign Constructor
  • Mobile App Scanner
  • 3D+ Marketplace
  • Campaign Console
Desktop Placeholder

3D but as an experience.

The '+' simply stands for more. 3D models become experiences with interaction, animation, sound and much more! They are more than just models, they bridge the gap between our real-world environment and the virtual one. You experience things through the App Scanner as if they were there.

Our 3D+ Marketplace is full of different engaging experiences which cost as little as £20 to use and each experience can be branded accordingly. Upload your own if you prefer and if you want a bespoke experience we can help you get in touch with a 3D Designer who will create something for a cost equivalent to producing a 30 second promotion video online.

  • More than just 3D
  • Creative freedom
  • Interaction, animation, sound and much more!

Tablet Placeholder

Affordable Pricing.

We aim to make Augmented Reality affordable with three different options.

Pay-Per-Engagement, similar to Pay-Per-Click online is our first option. This is low risk and can help you manage your costs better.

We also have PrintAR Packages at different monthly costs which deal with all your engagements. Allow creativity to take control of your campaign with this option as the costs are taken care of.

Finally we have White Label solutions available. If you want a bespoke mobile app focused around Augmented Reality then just give us a shout!

  • Low Risk
  • Affordable Packages
  • White Label Solutions


Big Print Campaigns.
Big Data.

Never before could you measure how successful a print campaign was. PrintAR allows you to view the metrics and analytics of each campaign you run with us within our Campaign Console.

We collect the data from each campaign and the information gathered will be placed in graphs which will let you to easily visualise the success and progress of a campaign, allowing you to get to know your customers better.

  • Data Visualised
  • Campaign Success
  • Real-time


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